Fruit Salad Tree

An Entire Orchard From Just One Single Tree! Smothers Itself With Bushels Of Fruit All Summer Long. 5 FRUITS – 1 TREE!


1 Fruit Salad Tree: Only $19.98
2 Fruit Salad Tree: Only $35.98
3 Fruit Salad Tree: Only $49.98



Smothers Itself With Bushels Of Fruit All Summer Long


  • Luscious ‘Fist Size” Peaches
  • Plump, ‘3-To-A-Pound’ Giant Purple Plums
  • Super-Size Golden Apricots
  • Tangy, Meat-Packed Nectarines
  • Sugar-Sweet ‘Big-As-Apples’ Red Plums

Look – Just One Days Picking! And It Keeps on Producing All Summer Long!

An Entire Orchard From Just One Single Tree!

It’s a miracle of genetic science! The ‘botanical marriage’ of 5 different fruits, all growing from the same parent tree trunk! Bushel after bushel of showstopping beauties…the kind that sell in gourmet markets for as much as $3 to $5 a pound!

An Avalanche of Luscious Fruit!

That’s right—each spring the entire tree smothers itself in the most glorious multi-color blooms. Next, a season long, late spring to mid-fall parade of fruit that’s like an entire orchard from one single tree.

Perfect, easy-picking height—just 12–15 feet! Best of all, it takes up no more planting space than a few square feet- turns the tiniest corner of your garden into a mini fruit-farm!

Why, you’ll pick—eat—enjoy a feast of fresh fruits off the tree all summer long! And because this amazing “Fruit Salad Tree” has been specially bred to be super prolific…you’ll still have enough fruits left over for jams, jellies, pies, cobblers, sauces, preserves…plus gift-baskets of fresh-picked fruit for friends and family.

But only a limited number of 5-in-1 “Fruit Salad Trees” have been propagated for this year. Make sure you don’t miss out, ACT NOW!


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